HK Startup Bootcamp 2.0 Demo Day

December 12th, graduates of the Startup Bootcamp 2.0 had their demo day in a local creative co-working space CoCoon. Seven early-stage startups from different regions shared their graduation design. Let’s take a look at some interesting ones.


Moving has always been a big disaster, especially for those city mobiles. Does it ever  happen to you that you got piling stuff you don’t need any more but might still be useful for others? Or when you move to a new place you find yourself need everything but just don’t want to buy all them new. Whogotstuff tries to offer a social exchange platform for stuff like that. “It might take you at least 30 minutes to exchange or get something online, and the searching process could be annoying. Now we would like to make it easier.” Whogotstuff is based on Facebook network, where people can add “My Stuff” and post “My Wants” with a Facebook account. It only takes 10 seconds for a successful match and deal through the app. Currently it’s free, and the team said their future plan is to charge for delivering/transportation service.

This team is from Russia and they demonstrated two ideas. The first one Teacherio is a social network for teachers covering 83 regions in Russia. To register as a new teacher, you are required to provide your public articles, portfolio, open classes and certifications. After that, teachers can share teaching materials by grades, types and subjects. What’s more, teachers can also post news and blogs to connect with each other as well as sell their teaching materials. The current business model is to take % from the material deals among teachers.

Online Runner

The second one by this team is a mobile app called Online Runner which allows users to compete with anyone in the world. The team believes that everyone loves competition and that it motivates people to finish tasks like exercises. With this app, you choose a competitor at your level before running (or any other sports like cycling), and start the game. The app can tell you who is the winner whenever and wherever you are. It will be a free app and possibly will try to collaborate campaigns with sports brands for revenues.


Filmtrens is film industry focused startup, and is still in its very early stage. The startup is aiming at serving the indie film makers with data and platform, which usually doesn’t get much attention from the public audience.


Also interested in the education field, Minds is a crowd-sourced platform helping students prepare school and providing assessment tools. The target users are preschoolers and their parents with tablets devices. Minds sets up a social learning place where kids can finish interesting studying tasks and compete with their classmates on tablets. Meanwhile parents can review the performances of the kids from another device. Minds is going to cover all languages and all subjects with a rating system behind which there are groups of professional retired teachers, and tutoring services. In Hong Kong there are 1.2million students and accordingly 1 in 6 HK people owns a tablet, which makes the team believe this could be a promising market.


Based in Hong Kong, Finds knows well that people here are so into shopping and talk about shopping tips obviously. That is why this startup is focusing on social advertising with a community where consumers share shopping experiences and fancy items. To utilize the social media, Finds wants to connect brands with digital influencers and enable both sides to find what they want.


As buyers themselves, this team has been fed up with the inconveniences brought by the lack of transparent information from suppliers. Now they come up with a solution – a community for buyers. MySupplyGuru is different from other trading sites in that it excludes the procedure for verification. Rankings of buyers are based on the reviews and their reputation but not for any pay-to-be-golden fees. The first 6 months will be free, and later on charges for premium users will be offered. Users can look for good trading opportunities by themselves and also will receive alerts from Guru about the potential partners.

The next startup bootcamp is coming soon, for details please check here.