Chinese social networking service RenRen has just rolled out its long-awaited timeline feature along with other major facelifts of the site.

Facebook firstly launched timeline late last year to turn one’s footprints on the social networking site into a storybook. It took Renren a year to catch up with the feature. So they better come up with something more different and innovative.

And, did they?

After poking around the new release, you’ll find there aren’t too many improvements or even so-called micro-innovation, basically, it resembles its inspiration on many respects, like the big cover picture, the left-right two columns design that separated by a timeline and so on.

And the company’s CEO Chen Yizhou said that timeline was indeed a revolution, improving the efficiency of communication. Those SNS without timeline would be doomed to die. I guess he won’t mention who led the revolution though.

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  1. In my way, one cannot really speak of innovation in this case, the timeline feature having already been implemented by Facebook. Notheless, Renren is a social network that turns out be more sorytelling-featured than really pictures- sharing.

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