Half of Chinese angel investors realized more than 30% ROI on their investment portfolios last year, according to a survey by Chinese magazine Entrepreneur China (aka Chuangye Bang). The report also found out that a majority (more than 70%) of Chinese angels invested less than 5 projects over last year, highlighting the lackness in high-quality startups.

Here’re other highlights from the report which surveyed 309 Chinese angel investors:

Investment Amount

— 70% of angel investors in China invest less than 5 projects

— most projects (about 60%) get under RMB 3 million

— 38% angel investors invested between RMB 1 million – 5 million

— 57% of them invested between RMB 5 million – 10 million

— a small portion of them (5.8%) invested > RMB 100 million.

Percent of Share

Most of angel investors insist that if they hold less than 30% stakes, they won’t be controlling investors. More than 65% of Chinese angles hold less than 30% in their portfolios. That said, about 20% of these angels hold 50%+ in their portfolios.


The survey showed that only 1/10 Chinese angel investors lost money. Over 50% of them get a >30% of return while 18% get >200% in return.

In a nutshell, Chinese angel investors prefer mobile internet, e-commerce and service industries and keep an eye on computer software, media and manufacture business. A small group of angel investors also step their toes into projects abroad.

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  1. Since this site deals with Chinese entrepreneurs I thought it appropriate that I mention that we have been trying to locate Chinese investors for our Beijing potato chip project with little success…I don’t know how to reach them. We have an experienced management and a world class chip product but have run out of funding and need to find investor(s) who are comfortable in the China marketplace and who understand the tremendous upside potential in this project. Complete details are available upon request. Thank you.

    Tom Ducic


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