Chinese Angel Investment Survey: We Need More Quality Projects

Half of Chinese angel investors realized more than 30% ROI on their investment portfolios last year, according to a survey by Chinese magazine Entrepreneur China (aka Chuangye Bang). The report also found out that a majority (more than 70%) of Chinese angels invested less than 5 projects over last year, highlighting the lackness in high-quality startups.

Here’re other highlights from the report which surveyed 309 Chinese angel investors:


Investment Amount

— 70% of angel investors in China invest less than 5 projects

— most projects (about 60%) get under RMB 3 million

— 38% angel investors invested between RMB 1 million – 5 million

— 57% of them invested between RMB 5 million – 10 million

— a small portion of them (5.8%) invested > RMB 100 million.

Percent of Share

Most of angel investors insist that if they hold less than 30% stakes, they won’t be controlling investors. More than 65% of Chinese angles hold less than 30% in their portfolios. That said, about 20% of these angels hold 50%+ in their portfolios.



The survey showed that only 1/10 Chinese angel investors lost money. Over 50% of them get a >30% of return while 18% get >200% in return.

In a nutshell, Chinese angel investors prefer mobile internet, e-commerce and service industries and keep an eye on computer software, media and manufacture business. A small group of angel investors also step their toes into projects abroad.

 Photo Credit: Bing Image