It has been a turbulent year in the world of investment, but thankfully a trend of big tech companies acquiring quality startups has brought us a ray of hope. Instead of simply copying popular ideas from smaller firms, traditional tech companies are more willing to invest or acquire startups .

Here’s a short investment report for five market movers in 2012:

1. Tencent

Since 2011, the penguin kingdom has focused on the foreign market and has made joint investment with DST and YC in Silicon Valley and Southeast Asia startups from mobile Internet, games, e-commerce, and tourism. For the domestic market, Tencent is more interested in growing start-ups and companies already gone public. As an LP, Tencent had also invested in InnovationWorks, DST, and co-founded the A-fund with Gree, DCM and KDDI.

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Investments List (Local)

E-commerce: Meilishuo, maimaibao, kaixin001, okbuy, mamacn, kela, lvren, 500ccc, 17u, elong

Games: rekoo, xingcloud, elex-tech, yile, shunwang

Mobile: lewaos, mgyun

Others: InnovationsWorks, Kingsoft, Huayi Bros. Media, aibang, ecqun


Games: Riot Game, Epic Games, ZAM, Raptr, Kamcord, Level Up, Studio Hon, Reloaded Studios, Toppig, Nextplay, Redduck, Eyedentity Games, GH Hope Island

Mobile: Pair, Everyme, Kakao, Sonalight, RunWilder, Waddle

Others: DST, Ark


E-commerce: 51buy, gaopeng-Ftuan

Games: youxigu

Mobile: shuame, tongcard, molo

Others: DNSPod, Comsenz Inc.

2. Alibaba Group

The tech giant is dedicated to building a better and bigger ecommerce ecosystem by investing in trading, outsourcing, logistics, data services, and webmasters services.


E-commerce: xingchenExpress, 800best, skynj,, meituan, Chinabaozun, taotaosou, ShopEx, aigou

Mobile: UCWEB, Momo, ddmap


E-commerce: Vendio, Auctiva


E-commerce: Onetouch, Koubei, ShoppingAssistant, Phpwind

Others:, emapgo, CNZZ, xiaobai

3. Baidu

The search giant has always been thought of as being conservative, but as company, awashed in cash, has been very interested in making equity investments and acquisitions as of late. Also, this is regarded as a way of exploring new services and absorbing talents for Baidu.


E-commerce: anjuke, jia, zhiwo

Mobile: dashi


E-commerce: Qunar

Mobile: leho, motujingling

Others: aiqiyi, jinwankansha, Qianqian Player, skycn, hao123


Shanda has entered the investment game early, and it has the biggest and widest portfolio covering interactive entertainment in areas such games, literature, lifestyle services, mobile and media. What’s more, the company itself is equipped with many investment arms such as Shanda Capital, 18Captical, and ShandaLiterature .


E-commerce: meishij, wangpiao, gewara


Mobile: easou, weiphone, anzhi, OmeSoft, Moji Weather, Talkbox, byread, wap-z input, hydroid, RockPlayer, Zhui app platform, MoliTown, Xianguo Reading, Nduo, Codoon

Others: Douguo, Chuangyejia, TechWeb, WeiboYi, u17Comics, DiaochaPai,, Jifenzhong, Xiami


MochiMedia, Eyedentity, Actoz


Games: pcgames, 7xingman, 12ha, sicent, gameabc, cga, Digital-Red, gameTea


Others: Ku6, docin, qidian, xxsy, zzbwbook, chinese, readnovel

5. Qihoo360

The company’s CEO Zhou Hongyi has been known as an active angel investor. After IPO, Qihoo360 has been marching rapidly and steadily by expanding  its businesses through investment. Among all the investing moves it made, those on mobile internet are most notable.


Mobile: Shuame, ifangge, VIVA, xindianTech

Others: Kuaibo, yunyun


Games: game9z, 2366

Others: msafe TheWorld Browser, ludashi

动点科技驻湾区记者. Charlie is an entrepreneur based in San Francisco and Hong Kong who calls herself the undefeated caffeine champion. You can reach her at charlie.sheng (at)

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