With the rise of new social services like weibo and SNS, traditional BBS service is destined to be out of favor. Long-established Chinese BBS TianYa Community has been struggling for a long while to try to weather the difficulties. The company’s latest move in doing so is to sign up with Booking.com, one of the largest hotel booking service in the world, in an aim to set foot in tourist market abroad.

TianYa enjoys a user pool of over 78 million now, increase of user is mainly from mobile end now. But TianYa was chosen over other similar services by Booking.com for not only a huge group of users who love travel but also for its immense potential from the standpoint of mobile clients. Its mobile traffic rose by 300% in 2011 and 100% in 2012.

With 260k available hotels, Booking.com is the biggest online hotel reservation company under Nasdaq-listed Priceline.com.

TianYa once revamped its products in an effort to make money off its virtual premise in vain. This time hopefully it could get something right.

tianya homepage didn’t change much over the past decade, what changes, is the ads got featured

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