60% is an interesting number, Facebook claimed 60% of traffic from mobile end. Same case for Twitter. China’s Sina Weibo lately articulated the same figure for its mobile traffic. Same case for Tencent Weibo. Now it’s Dianping’s turn to spill out the magic number.

According to Dianping.com, in 2012 Q4, 60% of the traffic came from mobile clients with monthly pageviews over 1.4 billion (web and mobile combined). By the end of 2012, Dianping’s mobile clients (covering mainstream platforms including iOS, Android and Symbian) have accumulated 54 million usrs, seeing a rocketing rise of 170% yoy.

In July 2012, Dianping.com published its first Report on mobile life, which revealed that in 2012 Q2, its traffic from mobile ends has for first time surpassed PC-based traffic.

Dianping’s statistics revealed that more and more people buy group buying deals or get ecoupons from their smartphones. In 2012, Dianping’s group buying business saw a 20 times growth from the year earlier.

Dianping mobile clients covering mainstream platforms

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