Suning and Redbaby jointly announced lately that RedBaby the maternity-baby vertical is targeting at no less than US$ 482 million (RMB 3 billion) in sales this year. According to Redbaby, its annual sales in 2012 hit 1.62 RMB billion. Suning acquired RedBaby about 4 months ago.

Chen Shuang, CEO of Redbaby, said that the company generated RMB 520 million in sales in the last quarter of 2012, up 30% yoy.

Li Bin, EVP of Suning pointed out that Redbaby would ramp up its service in the new year in terms of logistics, warehousing, customer service and so forth. By year end RedBaby would be staffed by 3000.

More synergy is also expected to be achieved between Suning and RedBaby as the two have started consolidate and share warehousing in some cities like Beijing with other cities to follow suit.

In addition to online efforts, Suning’s strong suit of brick-and-mortar stores would also be leveraged for RedBaby’s offline presence. It is said that RedBaby would be opening several flagship stores within Suning’s offline stores.

redbaby promoting baby products

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