Back in November, six young startups entered AcceleratorHK, the first startup accelerator in Hong Kong focused on hybrid mobile development. Three months later, it’s debut time for the creative work they have built. So Enjoy!


The dilemma of the taxi industry of Hong Kong is that most passengers can’t get a taxi when they want while drivers have a hard time hunting for them all day long. Yeah, It’s not wise. Taxiwise wants to make the taxi drivers happy and bring better taxi experiences for the passengers as well. Taxiwise allows you to book a taxi in advance for hours, days or simply to get picked up as you scheduled and at multiple locations. To make the tour more comfortable and trustworthy, profiles of the wise taxi drivers are also provided. If you are planning of a sightseeing day in Hong Kong and struggle to read the street names or complicated transportation routes. Try its sightseeing package and enjoy the ride.


PayAllies is a Mexican team interested in mobile payments. In Mexico, only 17% of the people own credit cards and 34% have bank accounts. The trust issue and safety concern makes people prefer the traditional way of managing their money, which is, saving cash. But this is not a good habit for efficient trading and commerce development. With a PayAllies card, payment can be done safely at convenience stores, shopping malls, etc. Currently the startup already has 3000 clients and two terminals in schools where a secure payment method is badly needed in Mexico.


For TechNode readers who don’t speak Chinese, have you ever tried our Chinese version and wonder what those characters are about? If so, I guess you would also be curious about the rising Chinese social media Weibo, especially when you know there are over 260,000 Chinese companies on this platform. Surroundapp enables Chinese social media for non-Chinese speakers with timelines and translation options. Weibo is their first stop now. The company offers English labels for static contents and using translation API for translating post and comments. Official release of the app is due in two months, click here to sign up for a pre-release version.


Dynamino is from Malaysia focusing on digital advertising. The team believes that people only want to care about information or ads that are related to them. People don’t easily trust ads that suddenly popped out, but those are forwarded by their close friends are different. The team found out that traditional digital promotion provided by Facebook costs much but is not effective at all. Dynamino tries to reach the intended audience via social recommendations on Facebook. A pilot campaign goes like: if you share the discount info with five of your friends, you get rewarded. The result shows that it’s fun, it’s cheap, and it works.


100Villages is a HK based education sharing platform. The company wants to deliver a novel education philosophy rather than just establishing a platform. As parents themselves, the co-founders find it really annoying to let their kids accept the changeless education that will kill their creativity. What 100Villages would like to foster is the innovative parenting methods invented by any parent in the city. By grouping those parents who want to respect their kids and learn with them, this platform serves a great role for sharing, forming playgroups, organizing interesting activities and, make a difference with the kids.


Everyone agrees that networking is very important, but what is the best strategy in a networking event? Talk to everyone that passes by, or just to have a focus conversation with a small group? Gonnect saw this problem that networking is never efficient when you don’t have the idea who are in the same room as you are. This is how it works: Sign up for the event you are going to Gonnect and you will see the attending lists, with their pictures, intentions of coming, positions, and a short pro. Then you can start the icebreaker by mentioning valuable information you got to have a more smooth conversation. Next, scan the QR code to get his/her name card, and never mess up with different faces. The company is now cooperating with some event organizers in Hong Kong.

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