Weixin, the most popular Chinese messaging app with more than 300 million users (mostly from China though), was said to make its foray into the U.S. for the first time, according to an internal email addressed to all Tencent employees sent today.

The email disclosed that Tencent’s Guangzhou Research Institute, the incubator of Weixin, would be opening a branch office in the States. The new overseas office would be responsible for Weixin’s developments like user acquisition and research, business opportunities assessment and cooperation and so forth.

As one of the first Chinese apps to grow outside its home turf, Weixin has already made some pretty nice moves in Asian countries, now it’s unquenchable thirst for overseas expansion seemed to go across the Pacific.

The messaging app made by Tencent rules in China, just like how Line or Kakao Talk rules in their respective territories. And Weixin isn’t the only one who has a taste for the U.S. market, Line, the Japanese messaging app was also stepping up its efforts in teasing the American continent. Let’s just wait and see how Weixin and Line pan out in an exotic land.

Image credit: Wechat.com

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