Yesterday we heard that Xiaomi was developing a pair of Smart Shoes.  Today we have Guoke, a hardware company under Shanda, revealing updates about its new gadget, Bambook Smart Watch.

The watch will be launched in the upcoming June. Not only does it has a model running the ubiquitous Android, but also one running the newly released Firefox OS. It will be priced above 100 dollars.

Update: It turns out the smart watch Shanda would launch in June 2013 only runs Android.

Apart from choices of operating systems, Shanda will roll out one with e-ink screen. It’s understandable it’s for the sake of Cloudary, Shanda’s digital literature business whose e-ink reader is also developed by Guoke. But, isn’t the screen too small for reading?

Gu Xiaobin, CEO of Guoke, told media earlier that they’d also develop a set-top box for gaming, which had always been Shanda’s dream. Back in 2005  the company launched Shanda Box, a set-top box, with the dream of digitalizing households’ living rooms.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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