As expected, Changba, a mobile karaoke app and startup star of 2012, starts monetization by selling virtual flowers. Now users have to pay if they want to gift singers they like more than three virtual flowers a day.

Apart from the ubiquitous Alipay, which is convenient for both PC or mobile payments, users can also pay by recharging their phones or with China Mobile prepaid calling cards. Users also can earn some virtual currency, called Gold Coin, by participating in activities there.

Before this Changba was receiving minor advertising revenues from display ads and sponsored singing contests, and it launched an unlimited data plan, partnering with China Unicom, that charges for 15 yuan monthly fee.

As I argued that Changba is just a mobile version of YY Music and Changba founder once said they could make as much money as YY did from the online music show business, it will be no wonder if Changba launches more virtual items for sale like YY Music does. The founder also said they’d take advantage of the charts and the like in terms of monetization.

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