Shanghai’s education administration is working on a Digital Schoolbag project, going to launch some digital textbooks this year (in Chinese). Previously digital blackboard and PowerPoint Presentation were the only adopted digital means. Now schools in Shanghai are trying out a variety of digital products.

A system called “Adaptation” can analyse a kid’s homework and show more tailored to him or her.

Digital student ID is also under test for better managing student data. Visits to museums or other social activities will be recorded through devices deployed at those locations. With the ID system, students can choose anyone of the PE exam centers  in Shanghai to take a test.

A cloud-based class inventory will help kids who are living in suburbs and with poorer education resources to access quality classes offered by better equipped schools. It is said that Shanghai Remote Education Group has had a large amount of digital education content that will be shared to Shanghai citizens.

As the digital schoolbag is largely based on iPad, parents concern that kids may play games instead of studying or being glued to an iPad may hurt kids’ eyes. Anyway, Ni Minjing with Shanghai’s education administration says that education digitization is unavoidable.

Schools in some districts of Shanghai are testing new teaching methods at classes taking advantage of the digital schoolbag project. Other efforts include software helping connecting schools and parents.

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