Local search giant Baidu had been working on a Google Glass-like wearable device, named Baidu Eye, according to Sina Tech (in Chinese). The rumor first broke around the April’s Fool, which sounds tricky but now turned out not to be a joke. Headed by chief product designer Sun Yunfeng, this project is literally under development has been tested internally in recent days.

The current core functions of Baidu Eye are, as revealed, speech recognition features, image recognition, mini LCD display, and motion sensing, from which the former two were developed by the company independently. The tested device is still in the early stage with chips and wires all over the glass frame.

The company explained that it won’t make the devices but will authorize other manufactures. Furthermore, Baidu Eye will base on a user-generated application platform, similar to App Store or Google Play, aiming to set up standards for this new industry.

Insiders even revealed that the development of Baidu Eye is actually followed by the establishment of an open platform, where developers can share wearable device sources and enjoy tech services from Baidu. As planned, developers can invent a watch, a necklace or headphones with the help of Baidu’s technology kit services.

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