The news that the first patch of games on WeChat would be three casual games has been confirmed by some screenshots. The three games are a Parkour-like game, an Anti-Pang-like tile-matching puzzle game (named We Love Pang as the screenshot shows) and a link-up game (called WE-LINK as shown above), according to ifanr, a local tech news site (in Chinese).

The three , now under internal testing, are client games that users can log in with WeChat accounts, wrote ifanr, and HTML5-based games will come out later. The screenshot of the link-up game shows that users can not only interact with WeChat friends but also QQ IM contacts.  It’s definitely reasonable to say the games will enable QQ account login.

The three games mentioned are developed by Tencent Beijing, according to ifanr.

Pony Ma, CEO of Tencent, once said mobile gaming must be the first monetization approach WeChat’d take. On the latest earnings conference call, Martin Lau, president of Tencent, disclosed a mobile game platform would be established that third parties could submit games and possibly take revenue cuts.

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