Tmall (Alibaba’s B2C e-commerce) launched new products for trial from April 8th– 15th, namely TMall Features, TMall PreSale, TMall Exclusives, and Appliances Protector, currently available on its promotion page before being permanent. It seems that every innovative concept Alibaba Group ever conceived somehow tries to agree with the transitional path of Chinese e-commerce market.

The Tmall Features, trying to turn the former grid-structured products layout in to a more window-display style page. Merchants can better organize the products in different features, themes and trends, while customers can more easily get attracted by what they want.

The PreSale and Exclusive services offer a revolutionary C2B (consumer-to-business) selling model on Tmall: with Presale customers and merchants can both lock their targets more effectively, while the latter service allows customers to enjoy all kinds of sales deals exclusive to Tmall users.

Appliances Protector on the other side is a tailored service on the customer service for electric appliances. Tmall is now building up local appliance brands files, providing better after sale services to every appliances buyer. It is revealed that since last year Tmall has already begun upgrading the new products by providing various product supports and sales models. During the current trial, over 9000 merchants are involved covering apparels, housewares, appliances, etc.

Staff from Tmall’s new service Guo Dalu introduced to local media Sina Tech that apart form the “low price by quick turnover” pricing model, Tmall Presale will be adopting an opposite model of “high price with quick turnover” on some rare products. “The covered areas will include some newly-launched, or limited edition fashion products besides the appliances and furniture,” said Guo.

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