The winners of ChinaBang Awards of the Year 2012 were announced at our annual event on April 12, 2013. 24 products or services won awards in seven categories. Congratulations to all of them! It’s also a great pleasure to have so many startups there.

Innovations of the Year 2012

Changbaa mobile karaoke app for users to record and share their singing within the site or to a couple of other social networks. Audiences can gift singers virtual flowers or share their singing on Changba or onto other social services. Any user is allowed to organize singing contests. Launched in May 2012, its users surpassed ten million by the end of the year.

Alipay Wallet, a mobile payments service by Alipay. Like Apple’s Passbook, it holds digital coupons, digital tickets, membership cards and the like for users. Unlike Passbook, it integrates financial services Alipay has been offering so that it can be used pay credit card bills or utility bills, wire money, among other things.

Chubaoa mobile app that recognizes unknown phone numbers. Not only can it tell whether an incoming call is spam but shows the name of the company or person behind it. It’s also helpful when a user needs the phone number of a restaurant, hotel or the like. It has a database with 52 million phone numbers.

Gangkeran audio-based mobile social service. It encourages users to invite other friends to join in discussions or arguments. It was launched in October 2012.

Papaan audio social app. Users can attach audio to pictures they share or make audio comments.

Music Services

Jing.FM, a tag-based music streaming service. Tags created by the site range from musicians’ names to words that describe your mood at the moment. Tag combinations returns music streams accordingly. Also, users can input, with your fingers or voice, key words to get recommended streams.

Niting, a context-aware music recommendation service. It offers six status choices, working, studying and the like,  for users to tune in to. Besides, users can create and share playlists. Songs and playlists can also be shared onto other social networks. Niting pulls in songs from to make sure all provided are legitimate.

Muses, a music recognition service developed by Dolphin Browser team.

Healthcare & Fitness

Guorizi , a daily-life guide service based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Users and their families get daily recommendations of food and health-related advises based on the results of the test provided by the site. Users also can create shopping list based on the food ingredients recommended.

Chunyu Doctora mobile hospital. Users can build their personal health records there, seek help from doctors on the platform and check out medicine information. It also enables users to find hospitals, doctors and pharmacies near to their locations.

e-pocket, an app for doctors that stores almost all the reference materials, data and tools they need.

Social Travel Apps

Breadtrip, an app that tracks the whole trip of a user’s and remembers all the photos, travel stories and locations the user uploads. Then all the moments can be played back like a movie. The service later enabled the playback feature with photos taken by digital cameras and would tag those photos with location labels so long as users upload them to the website.

117goa social travel service supporting sharing photos, locations, stories, among other things. All the moments are shown with a timeline.

Jingdiantona travel app that integrates all the information about tourist attractions in China. It offers live maps, trip planning service, check-in feature, travel-sharing feature and so on.

Mafengwo Travel Guide offers a full-fledged app package, including traveling translator, travel guide, rating & review platform and a social sharing service called Weng Weng.

Travel Tools

Rainbow Busa full-fledged public transportation tool. It offers all information you need when taking a ride on a bus, subway or taxi. It’d even tell you whether a bus or a train is crowded — with help from passengers who use Raibow Bus there.

Umetrip, a flight manager app. After a user registers with his/her national ID, the app would show all the flights he/she has ever taken and has booked.

Di Di Da Che, a taxi app helps passengers find the nearest taxi driver.

Standalone Games

Kung Pow Granny  (casual game)

Carrot Fantasy  (SLG)

Emprie Denfense 2 (strategy game)

Online Games

Hoolai Sanguo (strategy game)

Dragon Force (adventure game)

Shen Xian Dao ( RPG)

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