Ten finalists made their way to the stage of Startup Battlefied at ChinaBang 2013, presenting their products in front of more than twenty VCs and influencers in China’s tech scene, and answering their questions. All the ten were awarded with enterprise cloud storage plans offered by Qiniutek, and placements on Recommended Services of Qihoo 360 platform, one of the biggest app/service distributors in China.

Yeelink, an appcessory solution provider, got the highest score. The service hopes to “help everyone build connected smart devices easier”. They offer to do both hardware and software for people who have designs or ideas for making gadgets. Currently their target customers are the newly emerging makers who work solo or in small groups, but their future goal is to serve SMEs. In order to show how they can help them, Yeelink has come up with some products, such as a smartphone-controlled LED lights. Founded in October 2012,  it has a team of twelve members.

The runner-up is Inftail that provides offline stores with integrated mobile solutions for online and offline needs. It helps merchants build mobile value-added services or data marketing platforms.

Cloopen, founded in December 2012, provides APIs for developers to integrate communication means, with audio or video, into their apps or services. With APIs and support from Cloopen, third-party services can build IVR, VoIP, video chatting software, and other communication methods. Cloopen has already reached partnership with e-commerce and health care services.

Heifangtang indexes and integrates ratings & interviews across Chinese e-commerce sites. Not only does it shows reviews in one place, but also provides analysis based on the data. It hopes to receive transaction commissions by directing users to e-commerce sites. The potential obstacle to Heifangtang model is big e-commerce players may block access to the ratings & reviews data.

Feely is a mood diary and helps analyse your mood. It tracks your daily mood, even when you check-in at any place. It’s also social that you can share your mood onto other social networks like Facebook and will be notified whenever your friend posts a message on Feely. The team plans to launch a “mood” API in the future. Users will be able to make custom emoticons then.

WiPlug is a mini set-top box in the shape of a plug. It has integrated most online video services and supporting software. Mobile or desktop devices installed with WiPlug software can connect to multi-TV-sets or projectors. It’s pretty portable and what you needs to do is plug it in, you can carry it anywhere. The company started shipping products in January 2013. It plans to open its protocol and release an SDK to businesses so that their users can share music, pictures, videos, etc. to TV or other screens.

kn365.me   is a hardware plus software health care project. All the services it offers are based on track records of your vital signs. It plans to start with services tailored to pregnant women in that tracking blood pressure of the pregnant is of Chinese Traditional Medicine practices and well perceived by Chinese. Founded in November 2012,the small team has eight members.

Yunxiche is an on-demand car wash service. Users are supposed to order services through the app, locating where a car in need is, scheduling a time, describing the car’s condition, and making the payment. It plans to, after collecting enough car data through this service, expand business into targeted advertising and other car-related services such as maintenance, insurance and car furnishing.

Wuxianchang is a mobile KTV app. Different from other similar apps, it creates a virtual KTV room for users to interact with each other, chatting, sharing pictures, and other things that people would do in a real KTV room.

Olavoice is a Siri-like personal assistance optimized for Chinese language.

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