Before this May, Taobao Mobile is going to add a new embedded service, to better connect customers and vendors on its platform, manage the channel more effectively, and adding some fun to the mobile shopping experience.

Similar to the official accounts twittering on Moments (WeChat’s social feeds), Weitao users will also be able to publish their news on Mobile Taobao. The display layout of the feed page will be slightly different though for Weitao focuses more on the content itself rather than the publishers.

As it’s after all an e-commerce app, Weitao surely allows vendors to post their products with photos and demonstrations. Interested shoppers will be directed to the purchasing page by tapping the item they like.

Users can buy goods through Weitao.

Currently the service is still in trial, and the official accounts involved cover from popular fashion idols who have vast number of fans reading their style tips, Taobao vendors and brands including VANCL, ONLY, and some media accounts posting interesting news on fashion and lifestyle.

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