Founder and president of Zhang Xiangdong has been in mobile Internet business for 9 years and headcount of his company’s headcount reached 1000 by the end of 2012. We were pleased to sit down with him at 2013 ChinaBang to talk about the internationalization of 3G’s killer application GO Desktop.

In the past few years, has gradually covered two markets, with, a mobile media platform, targeting at domestic market and the third-party tool, GO Desktop, aiming at international market. GO Desktop ranks fifth at Google PLAY in terms of total downloads, according to Mr. Zhang.

Yet it seems to him this accomplishment is just a starting point of internationalization. Here are some of the facts he shared. 70% of ‘GO Desktop’ users come from overseas; the company sprouted its first office in the U.S. last November; the revenue is largely generated from international market. But does that necessarily mean the company has achieved internationalization? Mr. Zhang’s answer is a definite NO. As he put it, even if the income was counted in US dollars, the company couldn’t dare to claim to be truly international without the influential branding power worldwide.

He concluded that GO Desktop was far from reaching the level of worldwide influence. Though the company has enjoyed a large user pool with the rapid increase of revenue, it’s still endeavoring to build global brand. The company hasn’t yet built up a business model that can secure steady growing market share and sturdy a satisfying monthly income. But anyway, this is his goal 2013.

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