Blue Bone, a custom smartphone in the name of the pioneer Chinese rocker Cui Jian (see him in wikipedia) was rolled out in Beijing.

The phone is preloaded with 65 Cui Jian’s songs, 700 minutes long videos and over 100 photos. What’s more, the phone is embedded with an exclusive app named after one of Cui’s song. Cui Jian’s fans thus can interact with each other in the social community in the app, sing Cui Jian’s songs with the karaoke functionality and share their own versions on platforms like Sina Weibo and WeChat.

Based on Anroid 4.0 and with a 4.7 inch screen, the phone is designed and manufactured by OUGU. Available on Amazon China, it is sold for RMB 3999. Only 100 thousand phones will be shipped.

Cui Jian remarked at the launch event that this phone couldn’t be regarded as a good and actually he didn’t intend to become a businessman. It’s more of collectible music memorabilia and enables him to interact with his fans.

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