Placety just added a Chinese version after its debut with English and German versions last week. The social place discovery app enables you create, discover, discuss or share places with friends on Facebook, Twitter or China’s Sina Weibo. Each entry is allowed to be accompanied by photos or audio notes. Not only can you follow people or places, you can also follow Place Collections other users have created. Before having users contribute location information, over a million Wikipedia places have been integrated into it.

Other interesting features include Around Me, an augmented reality experience that allows you to point your phone to a place and see its description, and Place Previews show what’s ahead of you, behind you or on your sides.

Placety introduced gamification with the pNumber score. The better Places you create, the higher your pNumber will be. The Leaderboards feature users with high pNumber scores locally or across the world.

Now it’s only available on App Store. More of different languages and on more mobile platforms will come out later. The product is developed by a team of German- and Chinese-born members based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Singapore and Istanbul. It has taken them one year to bring Placety to this day.

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