Yesterday the latest amendment draft of the Consumer Protection Law (Law of PRC on the Protection of Consumers Right and Interest) was presented to the National People’s Congress Standing Committee for discussion. Since the law first came into operation 20 years ago (Jan1, 1994), this has been the biggest amendment for it ever.

The emergence of some new phenomena and problems in the consumer market such as the rights and obligation conflicts in e-commerce are also taken into consideration by the lawmakers. The draft has clarified that consumers should have the right to return goods they bought online within 7 days, exceptions are for some particular products such as real-estate or fresh food which are not suitable for returning.

The draft law would be applied to areas as online shopping, TV-shopping, Tele-shopping and mail orders. On the other side, after receiving the returned goods, legally vendors should refund the consumers within a week.

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Charlie Sheng

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