According to the latest report from Chinese group buying service aggregator Tuan800, deals from high-quality merchants only accounted for 12.4% of the group-buying market in March but grasped 69.7% consumers, generating 71.9% turnover of the whole market (in Chinese).

The industry defines high-quality merchants as those whose volume of transaction per deal is over 10k RMB. The occupancy of those merchants is now likely to be another important parameter measuring the competence of mainstream group-buying sites.

When currently the top five group-buying sites devour nearly 90% the market, hunting for high-quality merchants could enhance the loyalty of consumers.

The transaction volume of March amounted to 2.34 billion RMB, witnessing a month-to-month increase of 16.5%  and a 35.2% growth compared to March last year. After the decline of the number of consumers in February due to the Chinese New Year, now there are 41.47 million consumers that flooded back in March and 3.53 billion deals were offered.

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