Baidu Launches An Android Security App, Making Inroads into Qihoo’s Realm

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As Li Mingyuan, the General Manager of Mobile Cloud Division of Baidu announced at GMIC two days ago, Baidu officially released its Android security app today. It is seen as defense against Qihoo, who has gained approximately 15% of China’s search market — to some extent it’s at expense of Baidu’s — and keeps accusing Baidu of making money from medical scam ads.

Features include performance optimization, virus scan, traffic monitoring, privacy protecting, ads monitoring, mobile back up and safe browsing.

Before this mobile version, Baidu actually launched anti-virus software for PC in Thailand and mainland China.

Baidu’s mobile strategies focuses on mobile search and app distribution, according to Li Mingyuan, ‘Our search engine has promoted app distribution by 465% last year.’