The leading technology-oriented and global professional association, Silicon Valley-China Wireless Technology Association (SVCWireless), will be hosting the latest installment of networking event on Saturday, May 18, 2013, from 9 Am to 7 PM (PST) at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Moffett Towers1020 Enterprise Way, Building B, Sunnyvale, CA  94089.

With more than 600 attendees, ranging from leading developers to venture capitalists and investors, already registered for the event, the primary goal of the event is to provide a networking channel for Silicon Valley developers to meet developers from all over the world. At the same time, the event aims to serve as a platform for international companies and startups from Silicon Valley to showcase their products and raise fund.

In addition to becoming the forum for global developers and investors to meet, the event will also bring prominent members from both American as well as Chinese companies to speak at the event, discussing issues ranging from cross-boundary business activities, market entry, to the current trend in mobile and internet technology. Speakers at the event will include Director at Microsoft, Karun Bakshi, Head of Online Partnership at Google, Dongshuo Li, Global Technology Strategist at VMWare, Paul Kohler, IBM Global ISV & Developer Relation Head, Twyla M Guyette, Founder and Managing Partner at Innovation Works, Hua Wang.

“Mobile and Internet Developer Conference is the first conference with the main mission of bringing the Silicon Valley and International Developers and Entrepreneurs together. It is open and free to any developers. Some big corporations also find it a good opportunity to promote their products and platforms among developers. The forum provides a stage for startups to market their companies and products. At the same time, the Conference is the best channel for the developers from all over the world to share their knowledge and form partnership,“ stated by the Chairwoman of the SVCWireless Board, Qiming Huang.

As a non-profit organization focusing on technologies, SVCWireless has been serving and will continue to serve the Silicon Valley developers, helping them to grow vertically and horizontally.

To register for the event:

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