izp Technologies, a data mining and digital advertising company, told media recently that it was valued at US$1 billion in the latest financing round in 2011 and planned to go public overseas in two years. (in Chinese)

Its main business is mining data supplied by telecom operators and help advertisers do digital target marketing accordingly. The company offers to develop, for free, software and hardware needed for data analysis for telecom operators worldwide and gets rewarded with user behavior data. With analyzed data, izp helps advertisers with more targeted approaches.

izp charges CPC-based fees. The company has reached partnership with more than 20 telcos around the world, as reported.

It also created an e-commerce solution, called Factory to Consumer (F2C). The program helps businesses (factories) set up e-commerce sites and bring them customers in target markets with its data-based target marketing solution. It just announced French2China program that would set up a marketplace of this kind for Chinese consumers to buy goods made in France directly.

Founded by a former Huawei employee Luo Feng in 2008, the company claims it turned a profit in 2011 and its annual revenue has surpassed US$100 million. Now it has over 700 employees.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at traceyxiang@gmail.com

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