JD.com (formerly 360Buy) added a grocery channel. Over 5000 items are available, covering categories such as biscuits, purified water, edible oil, seasonings, beer, beverage and milk. Currently JD offers  free shipping for an order worth of 39 RMB or above. According to VP of JD, the move challenges the warehouse management.

The company has now established 6 logistics centers. Nearly 1ooo distribution stations and more than 200 pickup stations penetrating 1037 city districts and counties in China weave a huge logistics network.

JD would launch the ‘lightning fast delivery service’ soon, which could send the package to you within three hours. The service is now in testing in Beijing. It is said that JD has a more ambitious goal, 100-minute delivery service. JD has launched delivery services such as timed delivery, next day delivery and late night delivery.

Afterwards JD would expand to categories of fresh produces and daily necessities. It is expected that JD would begin to sell cold chain products in Beijing in this year.

Chelsea Dong

She reads, travels, photographs and writes, with interests in chronicling China tech scene and interpreting how technology disrupts the way people live.

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