Chunyu Tianxia, a Beijing-based medical app developer launched its first vertical B2C healthcare product the “Chunyu Pediatrician”. Aimed at young parents and those inexperienced parents-to-be, the offerings include baby-care medical services and personalized shopping features.

This new product focuses on the key word “Doctor”. The first point is “Made by Doctor” which indicates that all the content and diagnostic consulting sources (blogs or videos) will be provided by famous doctors and baby-care experts covering popular topics like vaccines and breast feeding. The second point is “Online Doctors” which guarantees that users’ questions coming from mobile devices will be answered by doctors within a very short time.

“Staff that helps” is a customized function, which is able to recommend users personalized weekly collection of baby-care products based on the data of baby’s profiles. This new feature is added at the bottom of the weekly knowledge collection column. After browsing all the healthy tips and articles, users are allowed to choose what kind of products they want and can purchase easily by tapping the pictures.

Chunyu Doctor, the first app rolled out by Chunyu Tianxia last year now has over 10m users. The company has not started the monetization yet, according to CEO Zhang Rui, and among all the users, around 40% are with pregnant mothers and also make up a large portion of the daily active users.

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