Melon Sail, based in Singapore and founded by three Chinese who newly graduated from Singaporean colleges, is to meet  online social needs of overseas Chinese. Now they are launching Melon Friends, a mobile app for overseas Chinese to manage multiple social network circles and discovery of interests and friends.

With the goal of building an overseas Chinese centered ecosystem, the team vision Melon Friends and other services underdevelopment to become the bridge between China and overseas, where social networks, businesses and users on both side would benefit from the information and connections brought by overseas Chinese community. The team said they’d eventually expand to their home country in order to build a better bridge.

Melon Friends integrates friends’ feeds from Twitter, Facebook, and China’s RenRen and Weibo. It also merges interactions on the same feed from different social networks in one screen, including automatically syncing comments from different platforms into one place. The app also wants to help overseas Chinese expand their social circles to friends of same interests or base on origin. It’s helpful to overseas Chinese who have connections in both China and overseas using different social networks.

Interface of Melon Friends
Interface of Melon Friends

It’s for free to download and the team promise not to feature any ads. Now it’s available for download on Wandoujia, China-based Android app store and will land on Google Play on June 5.

The small company has obtained funding from an unnamed international early-stage venture capital and Singaporean government.

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