Sina Weibo launched Shangou, which literally means flash sale in Chinese, last week. it posts a good 9 pm everyday. The official Weibo account of the enterprise who is offering the good is featured on the home page.

It is widely-agreed in China that flash sale could work on a platform like Weibo. And there are successful cases. Xiaomi sold 50 thousand phones in five minutes on Sina Weibo in December 2012; SMART sold 666 cars within nine hours in January 2013; LeTV sold 50 thousand set-top boxes within an hour in the past April.

What’s more,  flash sale deals brought those businesses more Weibo fans and publicity, and Sina Weibo gained some users for its payments service.

If Sina doesn’t charge businesses for such deals for now, it must start doing so at some time in the future.

There’s also a sub-site for group-buying under Shangou.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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