Beidou, China’s navigation satellite system has been developed and started operation in China/Asia region for a while. We knew it but did not pay much attention to it. The reason is that we have not heard many successful stories about China developing its own systems to compete with global ones. I mean Chinese authorities were trying to develop our own operating system to compete with Windows and Linux, we have been working on so called Chinese Chip to fight against Intel but we are not sure about what’s its latest status, and even now we are thinking of building our own operating system for mobile phone to compete with Android…

But, after I watched the video-clip below which gives good information about Beidou system (if the video doesn’t play, try the original link), I feel this project is again Huge, but might work this time.

Do remember, Windows, Linux, Intel, Android, GPS etc, if we want to find something to replace them, it’s not just to replace the technology, what really matters is to replace their ecosystems which is actually the hardest part.×480.mp4%20type=

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