I have been educated by TechCrunch, since 2006. It taught me the Web2.0 and opens my eyes to see the fast growing and fancinating web and mobile business, more importantly, the fun of doing Startups and the spirit of being entrepreneurs. I started TechNode to cover news and stories about Chinese web at the end of 2006, and have been driving it from a personal blog to a bilingual tech media which is now luckily respected by  local and international startup ecosystems.

I still remember that when I was on stage with Instagram founder, Kevin Systrom at Disrupt Beijing 2011, I said, Thank you TechCrunch,  for finally coming to China. And today, I am more than happy to say so again, welcome back TechCrunch, and we TechNode is so proud to be your official partner in China!

The official announcement has been given out by TechCrunch. A big thanks to Ned Desmond (COO of TechCrunch) for his great effort to make this happen. As the partner, TechNode will manage TechCrunch’s official Chinese site (.cn), and TechNode & TechCrunch will be working together to bring TechCrunch events, including TechCrunch city event later this year and TechCrunch’s Flagship event Disrupt to Asia in 2014! And there are much more in our plan!

The partnership is really about linking the Chinese and the global startup ecosystems. We see more and more Chinese companies and Startups doing great work in oversea market and everyone is interested in Chinese massive market. We want to help, as media with independent voice and. deep understanding of startup spirit, and as platforms with strong local and international resources.

Together with TechCrunch, we will be working harder!

Thank you, All!

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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  1. GO GANG! We are so happy to see you spreading your wings and fly! Congratulations. Thank you so much for your support of writing about 360Fashion Network and we look forward to watch your new developments bridge both east and west!

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