Tencent to Launch Its Social Ad Network Guangdiantong on Mobile

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gdtEarlier this year, Tencent Open Platform started an ad campaign providing a complete in-application ad system to developers and promised that the company would not share the ad revenues of the first half of 2013. Recently Guangdiantong social ad system under the Open Platform started setting foot in the mobile advertising field and will soon launch a mobile ad network.

Joining the program, apps can feature ads from advertisers on Guangdiantong. Currently the product is still in trial. Accordingly within this year, all the ads revenues of Guangdiantong will be owned by the developers themselves.

Tencent also revealed some interesting numbers: 1) the monthly active users of the company’s open platform has reached more than 300 million in last December; 2) the accumulative revenues shared by all the developers added up to over RMB 2 billion; 3) there haven been over 350,000 registered apps and over 800,000 registered developers among which 90% of them offer paid services. The highest-earning developers have monthly revenues of more than RMB 20million.