People love photographs. Though still and silent, they carry a touch of memories. But sometime you may feel the photo is not that good enough. When your baby was born, you would be surely eager to take a snapshot of his first laugh, but in the meanwhile you might want to record a few seconds of his first laughter too. An camera integrated with a sound recorder, could this idea work?

Camera360, the leading photo app, sent me its new version which features a new function, so-called Phonograph Camera. Basically when you switch to Phonograph Camera mode,  several seconds of sounds will be recorded simultaneously when you are taking photo. So you can later browse this photo, sounds will be played automatically.


This Phonograph Camera might not be a must-have feature, but in my opinion it sort of re-defines the photo. We for a long time take it for granted that photo and sound can not be merged,  but Camera360 tried its effort to prove there is a possibility. There are several similar local apps playing with photo and sounds, such as Papa. But Papa requires users to take the photo first then say some words about the photo before it gets shared.

I first wrote about Camera360 back in late 2010 when they were still nobody. I still remember that several days after the post is published, Xu Hao, cofounder of Camera360 called me and ‘complain’ me giving them too much compliments. It is a team really focusing on its product, no on marketing. But I think I was telling the truth: it’s getting very popular now not just in China but also in countries like Thailand, and I can’t wait to see its branded phone too.

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