After the news about Shanda Smart-watch, Xiaomi Smartshoes and Baidu Smart-wristband, now we have a Sina-branded home weather station. And it’s already available for sale, at RMB 199 ($32), on  Taobao. It is developed by the team of Tianqitong, a weather app reportedly acquired by Sina in 2012.

It gives, via WiFi, readings of temperature (inside & outside),  humidity, barometric pressure and shows forecasts. You can read all the information whenever you are not at home through the “Sina Weather Station” app — available with both Android and iOS platforms.

Although it looks very much like some home weather stations on the market such as this one, the Sina one offers a killer tool that enables you to share all the readings to Sina Weibo. Users who don’t own such a device also can read all the information shared by others.

Screenshots of the app
Screenshots of the app

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