Ping An, one of the biggest Chinese insurers and who is actively experimenting with e-insurance, introduced a new policy for the loss of virtual property in online games. Currently it serves players of X-Game, an MMORPG developed by Tencent.

It is reported that one female player in Shenzhen had purchased such a policy from Ping An earlier this month (in Chinese). X-Game, with more than 500 thousand peak concurrent users, makes money from virtual good sales. The virtual items range from weapons, costumes to ‘magic power’. It is said that the most expensive set of virtual items costs more than one million yuan. Not only are there people that spend tons of money buying those items but also people that hire professional players to win items not for sale.

It’s not the first time we heard about virtual property insurance in China. Back in 2011, Sunshine Insurance Group rolled out one but was targeting at online game providers so that they could compensate players when losses of virtual items happen.


Tracey Xiang

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  1. policy for virtual property.. interesting…

    Just wondering how is the underwriting and claim process….

    if the user lost a set of weapon worth 200 yuan. How does the insurance company compensate him, cash or weapon?

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