Dolphin Browser, one of the leading mobile browsers in the market, just released a brand new redesigned Android version. Apart from a redesigned UI that brings customization of the Android home screen to your Dolphin, and allows for even quicker navigation, it, at the same time, launched a HTML5-based Webapp store. The store now offers 200 Webapps and is open to third-party developers to submit apps.


In China there has been a handful of Webapp stores for mobile devices operated by ‘platforms’, mobile browsers, application management service and the like.  Qube, a mobile browser developed by Tencent, launched a Webapp market in 2012.

UC Browser, a mobile browser with over 400 million users worldwide, claims that its Webapp store is the biggest in China, covering both Android and iOS, with over 1000 titles, 100 million installs and 30 million monthly active users.

Dianxin, the Innovation Works-incubated custom Android OS provider that pivoted to be a management software developer, offers about 2000 Webapps in Dianxin Desktop, an Android home screen management software.

The new Dolphin also allows you to search directly within Amazon, Twitter, etc. Dolphin surpassed 80 million installs recently, thanks to the adoption of some of the largest carriers and OEMs worldwide. Its top markets are the US, China and Japan, with strong growth in Southeast Asia.

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