China Mobile called a halt to Jego, a Skype-like app released early this month, by disabling new user registration and stopping voice and video calling service in mainland China, according to a statement issued by China Mobile International (in Chinese). This has added some more spice to the talking of messaging lovers.

This app, at first, aimed to provide users from home and abroad, with free messaging services like text/voice chats, pic sharing, video calls etc.

Why was Jego a flash in the pan? Many wondered. Some of the insiders said the mainly cause was the disputes between different departments of China Mobile, as Jego was released and promoted by the Hong Kong-headquartered China Mobile International (in Chinese). Another speculation is the app may cannibalize two of its revenue generators, text message and calling services. China Mobile acknowledged that they were suffering the consequences of the rise free messaging apps, and even wanted to charge WeChat, one of the most popular of the likes.

Jego actually was revamped from the push-to-talk software designed for volunteers during 2008 Olympic Games, as disclosed by employees from China Mobile.

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