Youku Tudou, one of the biggest online video providers in China, announced 100 million daily mobile views in January 2013, 150 million in April and 200 million another two months later (in Chinese). At the beginning of this year Youku disclosed that 20% of the total traffic was from mobile, but it doesn’t this time whether it as a percentage also doubled.

One major drive is that one user or a family now have more devices to play videos and all except PC are counted as mobile devices.

So chances are users would watch one show once on one device and then on another. To better serve users, Youku Tudou came up with a solution for users who’d like to watch the rest of a video on another device. By scanning a QR code on the webpage of the video, you can watch the rest on another device — Yes, you must make sure a QR code scanner is installed in it.

Youku Tudou started selling adverts on mobile from early this year. Recently both Youku and Tudou adjusted the UGC revenue-sharing program that they’d feature ads on more user-generated videos.

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