Mobile hotel booking apps are springing up all over China, among them not only are big OTAs expanding to mobile realm; for instance, Ctrip invested in Economy Hotel Manager earlier this year, but also are independent mobile apps such as Hotelvp and Bingdian.

Have you ever been baffled by many similar pictures and information about hotels and didn’t know which one to choose? Zheng Nanyan, former CEO of 7 DaysInn(a hotel chain listed on the NYSE) recently started up a new business Chujian(an entrepreneur of consumer mobile platform), to solve that problem.

Mr.Zheng has been in hotel software business since 1993 and joined in Ctrip in 2000, then started 7DaysInn five years later. Now his team in Chujian released a new mobile app “QHotel” for personalized hotel options.

Unlike other competitions, “QHotel” returns recommendations based on users’ preferences on nine categories, room comforts, service quality, decorating, surroundings, hygiene, related facilities, close to city center, convenient means of transportation and economical options. There are also three different occasions, business, travel and a brief stop, for users to choose from.  Therefore, users could be satisfied with the results of hotel information extrapolated from their four basic selections among those options mentioned above.

Besides, users can also check the reviews and comments displayed on the page of a hotel which may help them make a wiser and faster decision.


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