China Merchants Bank (CMB) updated the services provided by its WeChat official account and renamed it WeChat Bank came up with another WeChat-based service, named WeChat Bank. As we reported earlier that, CMB developed a Micro-Customer Service that enabled users to check bills, credits, or transaction records.

Now with the WeChat Bank, you can also, directly through WeChat, pay off credit cards, apply for loans, pay utility bills, among others. It’s also useful when you have to visit a bank branch that built-in maps will show all the branches and how many people are waiting in a queue in each one.

A robot customer service representative behind the account can answer all kinds of questions you may ask. The robot is empowered by the Q&A data CMB collected in more than a decade.

The WeChat account responds based on a user’s requests and the bank account information bundled to his/her WeChat account. In order to test out how far a WeChat official account can reach, APIs were offered specifically for CMB to develop services they could come up with.


To bundle your bank account information with WeChat account.


The next step will show up in a message after you choose the service and type in the number of it.

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  1. This is incredible and 30 times more innovative than the Chase App people are going nuts about in the States. Pity WeChat can’t go more global.

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