YoungCollegeer (Qingcongdaxuesheng in Chinese) is a WeChat official account that provides entertainments information, newly released songs, dating feature and translation services and so on to college students based on their requirements. Or you can just have a chat with the virtual robot, called Xiaocong, behind it.

  • Get updated with new songs and games

By entering key words “Daily Songs” and “Daily Games” in Chinese, this account will recommend you some of the hit songs and new games.

  • Find someone you can make friends with

First, register your personal info (for example, gender, mobile number, school) and then send a message to Youngcollegeer, you will be rewarded by contacts accordingly.

  • Free translation

Get confused by some sentences or words of other languages but your mobile hasn’t installed dictionaries? Try sending them to Youngcollageer, you can get the Chinese translation in few seconds with the help of the robot.

Youngcollegeer is not alone as a service built and run by college students. Run by an undergraduate from Wuhan University, Wudazhushou was created to facilitate students’ living in Wuhan University with functions like grades viewing, teacher evaluation, lecture searching. Huanongbao, a local application, focuses on helping students in South China Agricultural University with their study and living.

Living with her dream and passion for life, Annie is into children's books, verses and and things relating to tech.

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