With a plethora of online contents, independent developers, as well as a saturated space of mobile applications for mobile and electronic devices, it behooves one to ask the question of how to distinguish oneself from the rest of others. Common questions become: what is the unique selling point? How and where should one release content? How to go about in doing so to reap the most gain?

This question is addressed by a Brazilian startup, Movile. Movile is the largest mobile platform for content in Latin America. Movile licenses content from providers and distribute/monetize it on mobile on our products.

The founder, Eduardo Henrique founded Movile In 2006. A graduate from Unicamp, ESPM-SP, and FECAP-SP, his original goal was to look for good mobile marketing technologies around the world and bring them to Brazilian marketing. From 2006 to 2010 the company promoted a consolidation in the Brazilian mobile market becoming the largest mobile platform not only for marketing, but also m-Entertainment, m-Games, m-Payments and m-Commerce. After the consolidation, Eduardo managed the Corporate Area of the company supporting business with big customers in Brazil, including airlines, banks, energy and government. In 2010 Eduardo assumed the mobile payment area and developed a platform called Mozca (mozcapag.com) for sms billing.

In their success in the Latin American market, Eduardo now seeks to expand into the North American market. On commenting about the differences between Latin American and the North American market, Eduardo commented that “user demands better products in US and the competition is huge with great companies with talent people competing in the market. We had to raise our bar in terms of product quality to compete here. For example, this product distribute kid’s content with a incredible user experience, better than all competitors. This is the result of our improvements in product quality to enter in US

market: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/playkids-tv-premium-videos/id613398383?mt=8 “

In addition of this, the system that US developed to grow companies is much better and mature than Brazil. In Brazil we have a crazy tax system, high taxes, a lot of bureaucracy that sometimes block new business. In US it’s easier to solve problems and go ahead. Finishing the comparison, the users are different, so you may understand better the needs of your new users to succeed in this new market solving a real problem.

Speaking about the trend in the industry, Eduardo commented that “Androids will be huge in emergent markets, especially for cheap smartphones. This will give access to internet to billions of users for the first time. This will be a great pacific revolution in the world with great opportunities to entrepreneurs.”

Richard Chen

Richard is a technical writer and contributor based in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Richard has a degree in electrical engineering and is profoundly interested in technology and innovation.

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