With the explosion of new technological concept booming all over the Silicon Valley, and the rest of the world, it is hard for those from non-technical background to grasp the potential of innovations, let alone using technologies to solve for business needs. Zukami, a new start-up in the valley addresses precisely this problem. Zukami builds mobile rapid application development platforms targeted at businesses and enterprises. Using nothing more than just a browser to build cross-device “native” mobile applications through a compelling and novel drag and drop interface. With enterprise features such as digital signatures, document annotation, workflow, cloud hosting and sync, offline data entry, mobile security, integration with legacy systems and so on, Zukami’s Aurora shortens the enterprise application delivery time frames from months to days!

Furthermore, the uniqueness of Aurora lies in the fact that it provides a cloud-hosted back-end together with the mobile front-end – both are built together at the same time seamlessly.  The presence of the backend allows for multi-user apps.  This means our solution can be used, not just for consumer-focused apps, but also for apps used internally within a company (an example would be a CRM app or sales order fulfillment app). With just a $60 per month (per app) price tag and without any user limit, any company – big or small can start building complex enterprise mobile apps.

The founder, Edmund Tan, started out with enterprise software (in the Business Process Management space) about 10 years ago, and was the architect for various types of software systems for companies ranging from small retail shops to large banks and governments. These experiences gave him a bird eye’s view of the sort of requirements that typically came with these enterprise systems. This gave him the motivation to create platforms that would attempt to practically reduce enterprise software development to nothing more than a drag and drop task. The product caught on, and found its calling in the Singaporean Government space, having been deployed in many large scale projects. That was web-based applications. With this experience Edmund is equipped with the same energy to bring the same “drag and drop” approach to enterprise mobile apps.

The main motivation behind what Zukami does is that we want to be part of the revolution – mobile apps is the present and the future, and is going to stay for a long time. From the cloud to the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile apps are going to be embedded everywhere and Zukami wants to be there when businesses start looking for a faster, more powerful, more flexible, more cross-compatible and affordable way to creating mobile apps.

Richard is a technical writer and contributor based in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Richard has a degree in electrical engineering and is profoundly interested in technology and innovation.

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