Let’s pick it up where we left off on the highlights of Tencent Cooperation Partner Conference.

5. China Asset Management (ChinaAMC)

Lu Xiaoye, manager of technology department of ChinaAMC, addressed the problem of why financial companies are crazy about new media technologies. First of all, WeChat official account provides one-to-one user experience. Clients can communicate directly with asset managers, guaranteeing the privacy and promptness of services. Secondly, the brokers will offer value-added services to their customers in addition to the regular financial services. Last but not the least, WeChat official accounts provide customized user experiences by digging into the back-stage data and analyzing the characteristics of their clients, in a bid to provide more pertinent financial services.


6. Media

Zhu Xiaoming (Qingchenglaozei), founder of WeMedia — a union for freelancers, said that WeChat official account provides a customer-based service, covering comments on technology, life, food, fashion, finance, literary and cars. You can read a restaurant commentary, order home delivery foods or read serial story via WeChat accounts. Zhu think that the selling point of WeChat account is a two-way communication mode, where the opinions from clients are valued. Public media account operators should learn to become a better listener to their readers, and then adjust the content and direction of their services according to the feedback. Word-of-mouth established by communicating with readers is better means of promotion than advertisements.


7. Cogobuy

Cogobuy, a chip maker focused on small- and medium-sized electronics firms, introduced WeChat to enterprise-targeted manufacturing industry. WeChat public account acts as an Internet-based platform which provides services of socialized shopping guide and online trade, etc. Different from B2C business which is more standardized, B2B is more data-demanding and needs more diversified services, said Zhu Jizhi, executive vice president of the company. WeChat can return order or product details and send them to clients. Zhu emphasized that there is a huge market potential in this untapped market.


8. Guagndong Branch of China Unicom

China Unicom opens a Wechat official account to follow the steps of customers, said Wang Shuai, manager of Internet market under Guangdong China Unicom. The subscribers of the company’s WeChat account mounted to 600,000. Integrated with the business system, the customer can conduct six kinds of business via the account, including, inquiry, payment, management, consultation, complaint and assistance. A self-defined guiding service is offered based on customer habits. In addition, the intelligent robot is embedded into the on-line customer service system, realizing smooth transition from human service.


9. Best Express

As a customer center, WeChat account can realize the functions of package tracking, online-store searching, service assessment, reservation and complaints, said Zhang Yanbing, vice president of the logistics company Best Express. The customers will receive the latest logistic information from WeChat accounts when their product is in the delivery process. Once customer’s WeChat account is bounded to their phone number, WeChat platform can push the most needed contents to their clients.

Emma Lee (Li Xin) was TechNode's e-commerce and new retail reporter until June 2022, when she moved to Sixth Tone to cover technology and consumption. Get in touch with her via lixin@sixthtone.com or Twitter.

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  1. WeChat is more than a voice messaging app, it is to be a mobile open platform for these so-called micro apps.

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