Humanity+ is coming to Beijing! You won’t miss it if you are a fan of the Singularity.

In 2010, Humanity+ Vice Chair Dr. Ben Goertzel wrote an article for H+ Magazine titled “Will the Singularity Be Launched in China?“. In 2011 he relocated to Hong Kong, where he has been involved with a number of advanced technology projects, and has been seeking to build bridges between the communities of futurist thinkers and do-ers in the West and the Orient (with a focus on China specifically).  In late 2011 the Humanity+ @Hong Kong conference was a great success and a fun experience. Humanity+ Beijing is a natural step in this bridge-building effort.

Register and buy tickets here (free admission for the first 25 students from Chinese universities or high schools who apply).

Time: July 27, 2013

Address: Jin Tai Art Museum, Beijing (TuanJieHu, Chao Yang Qu, Beijing, China, 100025)


  • Dr. Ben Goertzel How to Build Generally Intelligent Robots 
  • Dr. David HansonCreating Genius Machines, and will bring  a humanoid robot to help give his presentation
  • Dr. Randal KoeneCreating Substrate-Independent Minds (formerly known as Mind Uploading — i.e. liberating our minds from their current neural substrates)
  • Adam Ford – organizer of multiple Humanity+ and Singularity conferences in Australia and overseas — who will give A Brief Introduction to the Singularity

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