Timeet started as a Facebook app for students at University of Liverpool to match timetables and schedule meetups. It was developed by a bunch of Chinese students there.

Cheng Lu, one of them and now CEO of Timeet, brought the project back to China and planned to build it into a full-fledged calendar-based social network. Cheng recently confirmed (with a Weibo post) that Timeet had secured angel investment from Shanghai Zhonglu Capital.

As every college student has a different timetable, it’s hard for uni students to know when their friends have time to meet up. Timeet helps identify common available time between them so that they know when is good time to organize events. A user can check public timetables of friends, see the upcoming events in the next several hours, and click on one to join in if he or she would like to. Timeet later developed a version on App Store.

The team is building new features trying to make it useful to other people as well. Timeet also promises not to feature any ads.

timatable in Timeet

image credit : 36krcnd.com

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