Dianping Comes up with An online-to-offline Service


Dianping, a leading ratings & reviews service in China, rolled out a service that lets users to buy shoes through the Internet and mortar-and-stone stores.

Two ways for users to buy shoes with this service, 1) a user, after having tried a pair of shoes on at a mortar-and-stone store, can buy it at a discount by scanning a QR code and visiting the deals channel on Dianping; 2) the user, after buying it from the deals channel on Dianping, can try it on at a mortar-and-stone store and choose a pair. He or she can return it and get refund online.

Dianping reportedly has reached deals with a dozen of shoe brands. The service starts from Shanghai. (in Chinese) It is expected Dianping takes transaction-based commissions, just like what it has received from group-buying deals.

Last week the company announced that its mobile users surpassed 75 million in the second quarter of 2013. 10 million membership cards, a loyalty and reward program, had been distributed. Mobile page views reached 70%.