Preschool Education App BabyBus Secured Series A Financing

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BabyBus, a preschool education app developer, reportedly secured millions of dollars from Shunwei Fund in Series A financing early this year.

It has released more than 60 products for Android, iOS and Windows8 since its foundation in 2009. The products are in eight languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, French, and Russian. It claims it has more than 40 million activated users around the world so far.

The company’s products cover the categories of cognition, games and nursery rhymes, featuring simple operation settings, beautiful pictures, animated music and learning encouragement mechanism in a bid to attract the attentions of babies. Based on a step-by-step teaching mode, the babies can learn various abilities subconsciously.

QQ截图20130718095912Qiqi and Miaomiao

The company also put forward a clothing brand based on Qiqi and Miaomiao, two leading cartoon characters created by the company.