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There has been a variety of wearable gadgets, in the shape of a wristband, a watch or a dongle,  in the market for tracking workouts or daily activities. But people like me really don’t want to have more devices but hope everything can be done in one place, smartphone.

For Singapore-based Semusi, there are more reasons for which they’d develop a tracking app. The company argues that “wearable hardware sensors typically cost approximately USD 99, require charging, do not track all of our daily activities, often get lost and requires us to wear the device daily even after the novelty period.”

The Semusi team were early adopters of hardware based Sensors. However they soon realized that it was a niche market, and the novelty of having a wearable device wore off soon and people would forget to charge their gadgets or even lose them. In addition in emerging markets where Android phone is booming, most users there cannot afford more gadgets. They came to realize that mobile apps are good enough for tracking specific organised activities.

So came Semusi Activ, an activity tracking app that is under beta testing, and an API. The app automatically tracks all your activities, running, walking, standing, sitting, sleeping, or in vehicle so long as you are carrying the phone. History record and calorie count are available. The app also takes battery life into consideration that is optimized for efficiency.

Semusi is founded by some ex-Microsofties. It has raised seed funding from Incubasia Ventures.

Tracey Xiang

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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